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Re: Do .40s Really Suck?

So I had some time to kill here in the wee hours at work, so I watched a few of this guys videos. What immediately stood out was the fact that he carries 3 guns on him. A glock 19 and 2 baby glocks, one on each ankle. That right there tells me this guy has probably spent too much time envisioning worst case scenarios in his head. Even if I was back in Fallujah or Ramadi in 2004, and I needed to get from one end of the city to the other with just handguns, I would only carry two and use that space where he had his third for spare mags. It just seems to me that he over analyzes things. Yes, .40 cal are higher pressure rounds. And Im sure they probably do wear out a firearm more than a 9mm or 45acp. But I think for that to happen in any statistically usable amount enough to see a trend, we would be talking about having to shoot tens of thousands of rounds each through hundreds of guns. As for the recoil. I mentioned in my previous post that I do find it snappier than 9 or 45. But not enough to make me come to the conclusion that the round sucks.
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