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Interesting conversation on civilian vs military training.

Are people who aren't LE actually telling LE how they should do their job? It sounds like you guys assume your average LEO terrorizes the public on a regular basis. Are you guys joking? You want LE to do their job with their handguns alone when in the field the criminals have AK-47's and Saiga shotguns? You're saying their shouldn't be "intimidation factor" involved to someone who is trying to kill you? Who's killed others? What kind of yellow bellied talk is that? Lets throw cupcakes with bright colored frosting while we're at it. And just purposely be at a disadvantage. Because apparently it makes the public feel better when officers are killed in the line of duty.

What do you think the purpose is? I can't believe someone on this forum. Let alone a fellow gun owner is actually the one to say this. I could have sworn this wasn't a pottery barn forum or basket weaving.

It's a preventative measure. Key to winning a gun fight besides proper training, being enough gun and back up. If the assailant(s) crap themselves, then surrender. That's a good day. Why should we cater to the feelings of criminals and people to cater to the criminals feelings? We'll see how liberal you are when you're under fire, not even. When you're so much as just faced with that danger.

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