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Remington 700 .223 chambering reloads problem

Originally Posted by matt29375 View Post
When I say it the brass wont fit(Just to clarify) the bolt will go all the way forward but it wont move when you try to lock it down. Basically the bolt wont close down the way it should. if it makes any difference
This is exactly what happens when you do not push the case shoulder down enough during sizing.

Most people don't realize that the reloading press frame stretches during sizing.
So, you may have adjusted the die down to touch the shell holder when there was no brass in the shell holder, but when you put a piece of brass in the shell holder and size it, the die is no longer touching the shell holder.
You can verify this by putting a flashlight behind the press, aiming at the spot where the die and shell holder should meet.
Then run the press ram up and look through the gap while sizing a case.

The solution is to screw the die down some more until you are sizing the brass enough.

If you wrap a piece of masking tape around your sizing die and make pencil/pen marks every 1mm around the die, that will give you a scale to use when adjusting the die down more.
As you turn the die down, each 1mm mark will represent 0.001" more sizing.
I recommend adjusting 0.002" down at a time until your bolt will close easily on the test piece of brass.
Then stay at that setting and size a few more cases to test.
If all goes well, lock down that adjustment.
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