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What we are doing wrong.

We have no attention span. We mobilize when we perceive an IMMEDIATE threat, but after a couple of weeks, we lose interest and assume that the threat is gone. The threat is never gone. It will never be gone. We will be fighting this battle forever--or until we lose.

We are up against opposition who is fine with pursuing a course of action that may take decades to attain. Our opponents held on through the CCW movement, they didn't give up after Heller, they didn't fold after McDonald. They will never give up. We make a gain or two and assume we've won and relax. We must understand that we will never win this battle. There are only two options--fight continuously or lose.

We are willing to sacrifice our allies and some of our rights if we perceive any benefit in such sacrifice; even if that benefit is clearly only temporary. Rather than fortifying our position behind the bulwark of unity, we fight amongst ourselves and cooperate with our opponents to aid them in dividing and defeating us.

We expend tremendous effort and money in non-productive avenues instead of putting it to use where it will do the most good. Scrambling around trying to find guns that can be banned with the stroke of the pen and then buying them for 2X what they're worth is a waste of time and money. It would be better to spend that effort mobilizing support for gun rights. It would be better to spend that money and time campaigning for pro-gun politicians and against anti-gunners. If everyone who panic-bought ammo or guns had spent that money (or even a tenth of it) on gun-rights advocacy instead, and had spent the time signing up members to gun-rights groups, and on recruiting and educating new shooters, the results would have been spectacular.

We don't act when we have the chance and then, when the inevitable result of that inaction comes to pass, we ask ourselves what we are doing wrong.
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