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Need help choosing a duty gun

Let my first preface by saying I don't know a whole lot about handguns I just know how to shoot them lol.

I need to pick a duty weapon chambered 9mm or higher that will be on me 40 hrs/week. As a female with a small frame I find most guns too large for my hands but today I did find that the Glock 19 does fit extremely comfortably in my hands, it's just a little too much gun for me. My first mag I had a nice shot group at 25 ft but after that first one I could barely (eventually couldn't even hit the target) keep the shots on the target because of fatigue (only shot 50 rounds). I can shoot 22's all day, but the recoil on all 9mm that I've ever tried kill my hands.

Can you please suggest a good duty weapon for me that I'll be able to control. I was looking at a Ruger P95 primarily because of the price but I've never as much as seen one.

Does not matter brand or model as long as I can find a duty holster for it and also no revolvers only semi-automatics.

Thank you all I appreciate the assistance.

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