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I disagree....

I understand your point but....
There are times & conditions when intimidation or as the US armed forces & intel agencies call them; "psy-ops" can be a good plan or be of value.

Years ago, the Chicago IL police would issue officers thick black leather jackets. They mandated the uniform item & encouraged it's use for several reasons; the leather material could keep the cops warm & toasty on long shifts in the Windy City but they also made officers look "bigger" or "tougher". Leather may also protect the officer from burns/flames, that is why WWII air crews wore them.
The use of lasers & some strobe light features get + results too. They allow LE officers to get compliance or to distort(distract) the subject(s).
Many sworn LE officers & narcotics detectives do warrant services or drug raids wearing Nomex hoods or masks. It conceals the identity, protects the face & head from fire/drug residue & may scare the bad guys.
The DEA's elite CLET unit wore masks/helmets.
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