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They posted that about a month ago... nothing new... I am on the phone every day with most manufacturers everyday and its all the same thing. Sad part is its all because of people panic buying / or people buying to resell and make a buck. I get countless customers who come in looking for a certain gun we are sold out of and cant order... so they just pick the gun that's next to where it was in the case. People are literally buying guns just to buy a gun.

Don't get me wrong.. I think the unjust laws are stupid.. and I am all about our 2nd Amendment.. but lets face it... guns CAN kill people when in the wrong hands.. and those hands can include untrained and uneducated people who are running out buying a gun.. getting their carry permit.. and loading the mags and never getting any proper training.

PLEASE People if you have friends who are all of a sudden interested in owning a firearm... do your part... and take them out shooting a few times.. and show them how to properly handle a firearm.

All of our wholesalers have notices as well that they cannot get the firearms for some time.
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