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Bought my daughter a 7mm-08 and she had trouble with recoil. Sold it and bought the same model rifle in .243 for her and she liked it much better. I shot both rifles and felt there was significantly more recoil with the 7mm-08.
I have a .270 and a .243 but do the vast majority of my deer hunting with my 6.5x55 which I think compares to the 7mm-08 more than a .243 or .270. I am in my 50's and have had a couple of shoulder operations so recoil is an issue with me.

That being said, since you stated that the .270 was comfortable my opinion is that it would be the most versatile, meaning if your situation were to change; ie, shooting at longer distances or larger game. For your exact situation now I think any would work. The one caveat is that where I live, 7mm-08 ammo is a good bit more expensive.
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