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One of the many reasons I moved from Indiana to Louisiana is for the pig hunting which is the primary reason for the .35 Whelen, which has now been added to the list of calibers for our single shot exposed hammer rifles--I was all set to buy a 45-70 or the .444 marlin, but then got a chance to talk to a WMA officer out by the Honey Island Swamp range and he tipped me off about the Whelen--he says he and a number of his fellow hunters have all switched over to the Whelen and it is a real hog buster---
I was all set to buy a camo stocked beauty, but I really like the wood and when told it was actually walnut, told the shop owner to order me this one--I got on the net and read up on H&R accuracy and dependability and .35 Whelen ballistics---all looks good to me and I'll be getting out to the range soon--if the scope catches me just above the right eye, I'll have my wife take a photo to share with you all------John
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