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Here's a list of the companies that won't sell to NYS, or in the alternative will only sell what the common citizen is allowed to own:

Olympic Arms
Larue Tactical
Templar Custom
York Arms
Extreme Firepower
Cheaper than Dirt
West Fork Armory
Midway USA
Smith Enterprises
Exile Machine
Charter Arms
Spikes Tactical

Then there is MagPul s threat of leaving Colorado, should the legislature there pass those mag bans. See this story for the economic impact: Magpul's departure could crack plastics industry, manufacturer says - The Denver Post

Is this the start of something good? Read On!

Earlier today, quite a few folks who sent Armalite an email, similar to what is being used at received the following response.

Dear concerned gun owner,

First of all I would like to say thank you for filling my email with all this spam email.

Second, I am not sure where you got this blanket email from to send out as spam, but please stop it.

Third, The manufacture is not the one you need to convince. You need to convince the law enforcement agencies and the common people about their mistake in electing these officials and have them removed. Again NOT the manufacture.

AR Stands for ArmaLite…


Pat Raley
[email protected]
Master Armorer / Sales Rep.
ArmaLite, Inc.
P.O. Box 299
Geneseo, IL. 61254
There were several emails to specific questions to Mr. Raley that were all answered in the same manner. Since many of these people were in NYS, this has created a firestorm. Think, Social Media!.

Armalite's FaceBook page was inundated with angry responses. It finally reached the owner, Mark Westrom. He took down the page and brought it back up with the following:

Please do not misunderstand me: ArmaLite will not abandon its main customers. Civilian gun owners. We will provide whatever material we can in those states that act like New York.

But we have a lot of good friends in Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement officers are overwhelmingly supportive of our gun rights. They have a hard mission sometimes and deserve our support. We'll supply them under the same terms as our civilian customers: whatever we can. We did so during the AWB.

You've raised a good question though. If we have reason to believe that an officer is a member of an organization that is detrimental to our beliefs, we will not supply that officer.

Yes, it would be simpler to say "No LE sales into a ban state." But that isn't realistic. Most rifle owners are pro-law enforcement. Many of you have friends on various departments and I'm sure you wouldn't deny them the rifles they deserve. I personally have serving friends in various Police departments and I won't deny them good equipment bought out of their own pockets.

Supporting the good guys, civilian and Police, is consistent. It may not always be easy, but I think it's the right thing to do.

But Brother Cuomo needn't come shopping.

Mark Westrom
Er... um... This started it's own Firestorm. Armalite now has a PR problem of major proportions. It will be instructive to see how the even larger US Manufacturers respond..... As for Sig or Glock? Do they want this kind of PR? Hmmm?
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