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Factory shell dimensions?

I just Mice'd some Remington 20 Ga #4's and some Estate 20 ga 7 1/2's and got the answer why the Estates just flll into the chambers of my Stoger and the remingtpns need to be pushed in!
The bases of both brands measured .790 but the crimp on the Remingtons was a solid .010 larger thus creating the need for a solid push to chamber them.
Is this discrepency in the crimp dimensions common?
To be honest, the chambers had at least 1 box of shells thru them since I bought the gun and who knows how many with the previous owner?
So I cleaned the chambers with a brass brush and then brushed them clean with a nylon brush but the chambering difficultys still were present though a little less.

I used to own a Savage SxS 12 ga that never had chambering problems and [I] am wondering if this problem is present mainly in the 20Ga SxS's
The powerfull action of a pump would easilly chamber a "tight" shell through mechanical force and I would guess the same for a 20ga autoloader?

I am also guessing that when under fire a slightly tight fitting shell wouldn't be noticed...
'll poliah her up real well and live with it,

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