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The Season of Suck!

So, how has the season of suck affected your gun hobby? I hate to call it a hobby, since it is more of a lifestyle....

So, I have been redirected some. I was planning to load a bunch more 5.56, and blast it all up! I'm still loading it, but I think I will be cautious about shooting it up. I'm also dedicated to making my own slugs for deer season next year. I feel like I've lucked into a 3" 12 ga slug load which is shooting well at 50 yards for me. I really need to put it on the rest and see what it does at 100 and 150.

I've also been thinking about getting the black powder equipment tuned up for next hunting season.

I still have pistol and rifle components for now, so I will spend some time getting that loaded up. I figure it is better loaded than sitting still as components!

So, what are you doing to get through this "season?"
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