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Though its like beating my head against a rock wall, I keep trying. My representatives (the ones I can vote for) are staunchly on our side and will not cave, dems from other districts seem hell bent to do what dems do, and don't care what I or anyone else says. We can hope that Governor Hickenlooper has the political sense to realize that while gun control is great stuff in his political Denver bubble, it could be a career ender in much of the rest of the state. If he has his eye on a Presidential run in the future as some say, he will need the support of much of the state, not just the shinning liberal urban centers. The mood out here in the mountains, the prarries, and the agricultural ares is one of not just disappointment, but outright anger. The two hundred Magpul employees that will either become unemployed or have to uproute and move, and the seven or eight hundred related workers that will be adversely affected by Magpuls exodous will not forgive and forget. It is one thing to have a part of the population that does not support you, it is quite another to have many that vow to actively work to destroy your chances at ever being elected to anything again. All of those that are supporting these stupid proposals had best remember that.
And as I like to point out that while I do not condon threats of violence against these "more equal than other, animals" (from Orwell's Animal Farm) at the State Capital, they must understand that laws they pass, must be enforced, at the barrel of a State owned gun, so they are in reality, threatening Colorado residents with violence if we choose to not voluntarily load ourselves onto the cattlecars for transport to the "camps". People will began to make up their own minds when we have crossed the line from annoying stupid laws and inconvienience, to tyrany. When that happens, all bets are off.
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