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S&W says it’s not their fault or problem and maybe they’re correct but after seeing the picture and hearing their response I’d never feel confident buying one. If this happened to a Ruger I bet the response would have been very different.
So, you're saying that after 1 post from 1 person who fired old ammunition known for making guns go kaboom you would never feel confident in buying a gun from S&W who has been making some of the worlds finest handguns since 1856 (that's 157 years). If Smith & Wesson sent the gun to their lab and determined it was destroyed by the owner shooting faulty ammunition through the gun what makes you think Ruger would have a different response.

I love Ruger guns and agree their customer service is awesome but they won't replace a gun that the end user blew up with a poor/uninformed ammunition choice. Rugers warranty and customer service are equaled by S&W. The fact that S&W basically said after lab testing it was determined there was no manufacturing error on their part that caused the catastrophic failure but they would sell him a new one at cost shows their customer service is second to none.

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