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stats don't lie....

And neither do I, ....
Really for in-depth reviews of the .357magnum, I'd read over the 1990s era Strasburg tests(where alpine goats were shot with different calibers & brands) or review the work of Edwin Sanow/Evan Marshal. The duo(both sworn LE officers with large LE agencies) went over many court records, ME-medical reports, media stories, LE documents, etc.
In short, most gun industry members & armed professionals say the 125gr JHP .357magnum works best for duty or personal protection. It's rate of use for "one shot stops"(a LE officer or citizen using only 1 round to end a lethal force event) is around 94-96 %.
This is with 4" or 6" revolver barrels.
Snubs or shorter(3" or 2.5") 357magnum revolvers may benefit from the 110gr JHP.
Good brands include; Corbon, Speer Gold Dot, Remington Golden Saber, Ranger T/Winchester, Federal, Buffalo Bore, Hornady.
I'd add that MagSafe, , did well in the Strasburg T&Es & I think some(not all) frangible .357magnum rounds have limited merit for protection. Mainly for home/property use, 2nd gun-BUG, etc. Corbon's Glaser Safety & PowRball brands are worth a look too.

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