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Well, this scavenger cam appears to be a bust. It has been nearly three weeks and the hog is still there.

So I broke out one of my old hard drives that had images from 2009. I uploaded a set of images showing a previous scavenger cam of a 250+ boar that disappeared in 3 days. There are some 1277 images starting with a bloated boar impaled on a piece of rebar that finishes up with there being nothing but a big grease spot. Long about page 58, the coyotes are able to drag the remains off the carcass off the rebar and the last that is seen is where it has been dragged down the road. The images show lots of buzzard, coyote, and even bug action (looks like black dots on the pig during night images).

Sorry there is so many images, but you can skip around and look at whatever you like.

This was the first hog I ever shot, BTW.
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