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Be sure to handle every one you can lay your paws on, because each one will feel a bit different to each shooter, and YMMV for preferences - looks aside.

(I've owned/shot/hunted with every .22 levergun except a Mossberg)

Most find the longer barreled Marlin 39a steadier, if not a tad heavier than the others - and usually the more accurate, in my experiences. It's very EZ to peep or scope.

The H001 Henry gives the buyer the biggest bang for their $$$ (no pun intended), since it's the least expensive, argueably the smoothest-operating, and without doubt the best warranty. They're also EZ to scope, and relatively EZ to peep.

The Browning's the most expensive, and absolutely has the best fit/finish - but has a very small frame, sometimes uncomfortable for shooters other than those of smaller stature. The BL-22's fairly EZ to scope, given the short receiver (grooves), and would need one of the clip-on peeps altered to fit if a peep sight was desired.

The new .22 Mossberg 464 I examined is a more expensive variation on the design of the H001 Henry.

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