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Had a modern 41 special existed, the 41 magnum may well have been more succcessful commercially. But then... the 41 mag is my favoritre big bore and I have no need for a 44 mag or 44 special. I have shot 41 mag cowboy loads and they simply don't do it for me.

It fits well into my caliber sequence in terms of power and practical uses.

It is a fine caliber for a revolver and one that has most of the utility of the 44 mag until as mentioned earlier you get in the 300 gr range of bullet wt in the 44 mag. But I personally see little point in loading the 44 mag with 300 grain bullets when I shoot the 480 Ruger with 325 gr bullets.

It is very difficult to "convince" someone to choose the 41 mag over the 44 mag. You just have to shoot both and make up your mind.
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