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Need Safe Advice

So I've decided to upgrade my firearms storage solution and buy a real safe. I'm looking at the Liberty Timber Ridge TR25 that Gander Mtn has on sale for $999.99. It comes with a dehumidifier, door storage panel and LED lighting. So far the electronic lock is the only turn off for me on the safe but I can live with it. I guess I'm looking for opinions on this safe or alternatives in this price range. My collection of firearms is not as extensive as some here but certainly isn't going to get any smaller either, I'm sure I'll be buying a second safe in a few years. Weight is a major concern since this safe will be on the second floor of the house (no place on the first floor to put it) and with this safe tipping the scales at 565lbs would be about as heavy as I'd want to go on the 2nd floor. The safe is Made in the USA which is a major selling point for me also.

My reason for buying the safe is the fact that I've got 5 & 8yr old boys who know better than to touch my guns and have a deep respect for what they are and what they can do but they have friends and they come to our house regularly. As these kids come in and out of my house I want to know that my firearms are secured and that I don't need to worry about someone else's kid touching my guns. I'm not worried too much about my kids, they know if they want to see my guns or even handle them (safely) all they have to do is ask.

So what say you, does anyone own a TR25 or any of the Liberty Timber Ridge Safe line? What have been your experiences with them? Most importantly has anyone ever been burglarized or had a fire with one of these safes and how did the safe hold up? I haven't been able to find warranty info on-line for this safe so if anyone has access to that I'd appreciate it also. Don't hold back guys any input of this is appreciated, $1000 is a lot of money to me and it's the absolute most I can afford to spend on a decent safe solution so if this safe isn't worth it I need to know.

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