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Originally Posted by scrubcedar
The only approach I've seen work is this. "Assuming an AWB ban works, how long is it until those same people start using (the type of gun they own) to kill large numbers of people? How long after that will it be before they come after your guns?
This has been only minimally effective, but it's better than anything else I've tried.
I'm not surprised that hasn't been effective, since there are very few murders committed with rifles of any sort. FBI statistics show significantly more murders by blunt instrument than by rifle. And how many drive-by bayonetings have there been in your city in the past five years?

The sporting and hunting use folks -- in large measure -- seem to be nearly impossible to convince. Logic doesn't work. History doesn't work. "We must all hang together or surely we will all hang separately" doesn't seem to work. I don't like being negative, but after the incident in the gun shop a few weeks ago I have pretty much given up. I try to hold up my end by writing my elected critters regularly, but mine are all solidly anti-gun anyway so mostly I'm doing it so I can't be accused of not doing it. I'm 99.97% certain I'm not making any difference.
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