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I carry one ( 1" mini mag version ) in an ankle holster as a backup. The size of the weapon why not? I have done back yard wood pallet and wet newspaper testing and although not scientific i assure you the .22 magnum would be lethal. More power then one may think. The .22 magnum is a big step up In power over the lr even with the short barrels. I particularly like the Speer gold dots for penetration and expasion. The biggest concern with rimfire ammo i found is less reliable ignition. I do get rounds sometimes requiring re strikes, some brands better then others so you have to experiment. These guns also can be finicky on what ammo they like accuracy wise. Also re loading them for carry requires a little extra caution than the norm so you dont blow off a finger. All in all they are good and fill a niche if you practice and understand the limitations.

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