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Judging by the oxidation shown on the round pointing up in your picture that is some old ammo. You gave us pictures of everything but the most important part of the ammo box, the lot number. Here as a link that can help you figure out what you have see Annotation #2 I would have researched it for you but without a lot number there is not much I can do. If that ammo is around 18 years old it was a well known problem back in the mid 90s. Gave both Glock and the 40 S&W round a bad rap for a bit. Good luck I'm not sure how liable Federal is for ammo they recalled 18 years ago.

If you don't get satisfactory results by contacting Federal try posting pictures of the gun and the separated case head on their facebook page and describe the problem. Companies are pretty quick to solve problems when it becomes a PR issue for the world to see. I wouldn't go that rout until all other avenues have been exhausted.

Keep us posted.

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