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I did this a long time ago for the exact same reason. I didn't want to have this for this and that for that, too much confusion!

I convereted every pistol I own to a stainless nipple that took a #11 cap and a very small flash hole. You really want as much energy going out the barrel and as little blow-back as possible. I've heard guys tell here in a different thread, the nipples in their gun were so old and had been fired so many times, it would re-cock the hammer after a shot turning that 6 shooter into a semi-auto!

I have had different tins of caps made by the same company that were incorrect. If this happens, throw them away and save yourself the greif!

It's bad enough loading different size balls into different pistols, (I recently loaded my ROA full of .454 balls instead of .457) what a boob! They did shoot out OK but obviously all over the map. I was amazed I had no ball creep.

Yeah... "just do it". It only gets worse the older you get.

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