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I kind of had a hunch you were in cwd or herd control. I've been hearing some bad news from a couples buddies hunting cwd zones. I'm quite a bit more north than you and even there it was too warm this year. I wish you guys goodluck for the coming season, hopefully it will be colder earlier next season. Opening morning of bow season i sat in my tree for hours in a pair of camo pants and a tshirt. I shot a big doe, but it was still too warm for good huntin. Deer started moving much later in the evening when it cooled down which was proven by my trail cams. Are you guys hunting public or private land?
We also had a bad tornado come through but around 8 or so years ago. It was the best thing to happen in a long time. Deer loved the thick twisted forest and we had a logging company come in and clear a little out when they finished we. Planted the 2 mile long logging road with clover, rape and legumes and the deer cant stay away from it.
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