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Marlin 795!
Ridiculous accuracy out of a budget gun! Not going to be as good as a benchrest-built 10/22, but it's something that CANNOT be overlooked for it's price.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of the ones you listed. They are very high quality. I don't want to keep mentioning Marlin, but if you're going to go for the 455, you'd be better off just going for the Marlin XT-22 vs the Savage Mk II FV. Some of the best shooters in their class, or at least I can vouch for the XT-22, compared to what I've seen from other guns. You may also watch this. It's by Nutnfancy, so you know it's long. It MAY be worth a watch. (Marlin 925 vs CZ 452)

You can always make the argument that the shooter matters more than the gun itself, but the Marlin 925 was able to match the CZ 452. The XT-22 does have the pro-fire trigger, so it can potentially shooter better than it did here. Not scientific or anything, but just something you may want to see. I know for a fact the FV can shoot as well as an XT-22.

Aside from those, just go for a full blown Anschutz.
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