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Hey all, still trying to figure out what my first serious handgun (already have a 22) anyways I brought up the 40 in a gun shop the other day and got immediately shot down by a cop no less... I'm confused I thought police were gravitating towards the 40 not away. According to those gents the 40 and the 45gap are one their way out the door and in 20 years they'll be gone.
Ignore them. (For multiple values of "them".)

I can see 45GAP going away. .40? No. it will be around for a while.

Oh, and it's not "snappy", if you shoot it from an adequately sized gun.

The "caliber wars" will wage forever. Bottom line - go shoot what you think might like. Move up and down the range (try shooting 9mm and 45ACP). Move up and down on sizes and weights of guns. Find what YOU are comfortable shooting and can shoot well. Then buy that.
He speaks truth. 9. .40. .45ACP. Pick one. Enjoy.
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