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One brand nipple for all my revolvers?

Ok, I'm going to beat a dead horse here. I want to fit all my revolvers with one brand of nipple, so I can just have ONE brand / size of good fitting caps. And so I can cap using the capper instead of having to pinch some caps a little. RWS 1075 fit the stock Pietta nipples really good, they don't fit the Uberti 1860 that well, they need a pinch and so do CCI #11's, CCI #10's don't fit either. So what brand nipple can I buy to fit the, Pietta Rem. NMA, Uberti 1860, and the soon to acquire Uberti 1851 Navy, that I can just buy ONE brand and size of cap. I have a bunch of CCI 11's as they are readily available most anywhere. I'm going to go ahead and spend the money and fit them and ALL their cylinders with new nipples.
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