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S&W had a problem with the cylinder stop jumping under heavy recoil; a serious problem to be sure, but the S&W haters claimed that Model 29's were blowing up all over the place. Buffalobore warns against a specific condition when soft lead bullets have filled the barrel with lead deposits raising pressures, makes references to guns blowing up, then specifically says not to use their top load in S&W's. They imply (but do NOT say) that S&W's will blow up with their load.

To be honest, I have never owned any .44 Magnum, but I have known folks who loaded S&W Model 29's to equal or exceed Buffalobore specs with no problems.

I think the old stories about S&W's blowing up and Rugers that can't be blown up with anything both need to be consigned to the gun myth trash can. Last I heard, S&W and Ruger buy their cylinder and barrel steel from the same source, and use the same alloy. And they both buy and test their rivals' guns all the time. If one company had bragging points, they would make them.

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