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How to check headspace on SKS?

So I've been searching everywhere I can't really find any information on this. Very frustrating. I remember reading a thread somewhere that said something like "It's not the bolt carrier you need to look at, it's the bolt itself" and the guy's headspace was fine to begin with, etc. What exactly am I looking for when testing this? I know on a Mosin Nagant, you need to remove the extractor, or at least you do to my knowledge. What is the prep for headspacing an SKS?

I also hear that there are gauges with the extractor cut into them, so it won't have to be removed. Would anyone know where I could find (hopefully) a full set of Go, No Go, and Field? I'm also looking for something like this for my Mosin-Nagant, preferably with the extractor cut.

I was looking on Brownell's and seen a Go/No Go set for both 7.62x39 and 7.62x54r. Manson gauges, which in the picture had the extractor cut in the picture for .45 acp, but it doesn't specify if they are cut for all of the different chamberings. From what I hear these gauges are very good.

I've also found a 7.62x54r field gauge at the bottom of this page.

If I have to wind up removing the extractor to test the field gauge if I need to, that's fine. As for the SKS, depending on the pre for testing, I can get either the Cylmer or Manson. If the extractor is easy to remove I'll just go for the cylmer for 5 bucks less. What I can't find is a field gauge for 7.62x39. What if the Go/No Go aren't sufficient?

Honestly, this is all really aggravating, and I've called most of the people in the area. None of them have gauges I can have them test with, let me borrow or rent, etc. If it helps, I bought my Mosin-Nagant from AIMsurplus, which I assume tested the gun before sending it out, but there is no guarantee... The thing I need the most info on is how to test the SKS though, sorry for writing a novel. Honestly, I think I'm done with surplus guns... Extremely aggravating...
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