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I own a Black Widow and it only comes in a 2" barrel. If carried in a decent pocket holster, one will not have to worry about the hammer becoming cocked by accident and the trigger will also be covered until removed from the holster. With either.22lr or .22 mag, my BW will group at 4" under rapid fire at 5 yards. This is not uncommon as these little guns are accurate when equiped with good grips and with much practice. With slow fire and using a laser, many people can put one right in the CNS if necessary. I can't as cataracts in both eyes limit my accuracy. Although usually carried as a BUG, on occassion, depending on circumstances, it may be the only weapon carried. This time of year, my carry gun of choice is a S&W model 696 in .44 special with 3" barrel. A bit heavy but comforting when forced into certain areas of larger cities.
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