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My only snubbie is my Model 640. The stainless steel helps with the recoil, which I think is significant with 38+p and painful with 357mag. At 23 oz empty it is not light and in my opinion, too heavy for pants pocket carry (just fine in a coat pocket). In an IWB holster it is very easy to carry. Like all S&W's, it is extremely well made and durable and after I had the internal lock removed I have 100% confidence in it firing when I pull the trigger. Double action only is not ideal for controlled shots at the range, but I assume that in a real self defense situation I would be firing double action anyway, so why have an external hammer to snag when you are pulling it out or possibly be grabbed by the BG when grappling and trying to get off a shot (of course he could grab the cylinder but that it not likely to be too easy for him to do). And despite all the negatives I have read about the power of a 38 in a 2 inch barrel, generations of detectives relied on a similar gun for their safety. And despite really liking my 640, I am less than confident if I had to fire it from more than 3-4 yards distance from my target.
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