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50yrd pistol range with concrete/steel backstop.

1000yrd rifle range set up like the Marines rifle range with dirt/concrete backstop
If you do not own a dozer and loader, it is more expensive than you think to move the dirt around. Regardless, you have 900 acres and an unlimited supply of DIRT. No need for steel or concrete backstops. Shooting points, yes, backstops, no.

There is range near Stephenville, er, Mingus, called Tac Pro and it is well regarded. Close by there, you would have tough competition for business. There is also Tiger Valley, east of Waco. Both have 1000 yd ranges.

Decide if it is going to be a retail operation, open regular hours, say, 5 days a week. That means working weekends since that is when the customers are coming. Need at least 2 employees, one for the office (check-in/check-out shooters), and one watching the shooters.

Regardless, having an easy long range shooting opportunity would be cool.
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