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Thats why I posted the Rob Leatham video, just to keep things real. He shoots way faster and more accurately in the above video than I have ever claimed to on this site.

Its not all about speed and accuracy, but those are very important things. As law abiding citizens, when the trouble goes down, we're already going to be behind the curve.

Getting our concealed weapons out as quickly as possible and getting a shot or two off, might be very important. Or, it might not. Its very possible that in a violent happening the best shooter in the world could be there and not have time to react.

I remember us discussing the Gabriel Giffords shooting, it was all over before most people realized what was going on. Its doubtful that Rob Leatham, or someone else of his caliber could have even got their weapons out.

All thats not to say that practicing speedy presentations isn't important, because if and when the bad thing happens speed and accuracy might save our lives. I say might, because none knows what its going to really look like, until it actually occurs.

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