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mossberg ported barrel and recoil pads

So im planning on purchasing a mossy 500 turkey thug, as an all purpose type shotgun. It goes for $300 at academy. there happen to be one last time i went so i was looking at it and noticed the 24" barrel was ported. To people that have experience with these types of barrels, is it alot more loud than a nonported? Im not here to discuss if ported barrels actually work. If it turns out to be really loud i probably wont go with it.

Also, its a really light gun, so ill be picking up a better recoil pad. Ive heard good and bad things about limbsaver. And im also looking at the p. decelerator.
My question is, do the prefit and slip on version cushion the same amount against felt recoil or is one better that the other?

thanks guys
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