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Originally Posted by Chaz88
That was 1994. Nowadays I'm hearing, "well, I got my AR-15, so let the ban come."
I have been trying to get the ones saying that to rethink it. I have been pointing out the newly proposed law in Missouri would require them to turn in, destroy, or remove their banned gun from the state within 90 days. They then point out to me that we are not in that state and it has little chance of passing and being held as constitutional. I agree. But then I point out that they should be outraged that such a thing is even contemplated let alone submitted for consideration as a new law. Some then get it and some shrug and move on.
And too many just don't ... want ... to ... listen.

I have a very basic, budget model AR-15 that was purchased during the span of the Federal AWB, so mine has no bayonet lug, a solid stock (which is fine for me, because it's what I carried in Vietnam), and no flash hider. In fact, it has a bare muzzle. It came with a 10-round magazine, which I still have, but I have since purchased some 30-rounders.

My rifle would be illegal under the new NY law. My rifle would be illegal under Feinstein's proposed AWB, which (as I understand it) will now allow only ONE "evil" feature rather than two. My rifle would be illegal under several of the bills being proposed in CT and MA and NJ.

But it was completely legal and fully compliant when I bought it! I have owned it for about fifteen years and it hasn't snuck out of the gun safe and gone off by itself to kill anybody yet, so why should it suddenly become contraband?

That's the part the deniers don't understand. They don't "get" that the anti's will not be satisfied with JUST banning the so-called assault weapons. They'll ban those first, then they'll be back for the conventional-looking semi-autos, then they'll go after the bolt actions and the lever actions, then it'll be the pump and semi-auto shotguns, and finally they'll take away the double barrel shotguns. I just don't know how to get "those people" to understand what the end game really is for the gun grabbers.
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