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First, throw away the lee instructions. Forget about smoking the molds, and forget about using boolit lube to lubricate the mold or sprue pivot.

Go to the automotive store nearest you, look for synthetic 2 cycle oil. Buy a-----well the smallest quantity you can find. Use that to lube your molds, ALL MOLDS, not just lee. The pivot for the sprue plate, the locating pins for the blocks, and once the mold is hot, the underside of the sprue plate. The synthetic 2 cycle oil is the same stuff that bullshop sells as bullplate sprueplate lube.

That would prevent the galling, and the sticking of the guide pins that caused them to fall out. The boolit lube they say to use BURNS! Then it results in a sticky mess when it's done burning. The 2 cycle lube is a high temp lube, it's supposed to lubricate even at high temp, and does NOT turn to ash.
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