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I finally was able to go shoot my PT709 with some new magazines and the original.I never had any FTF, OR FTE. I only used 150 rounds but considering the first time I shot the gun it hung the slide open several times in 50 rounds. I believe the yellow packing or shipping grease in the magazines caused the initial problems. Now I make sure it's stays clean and slide lubed, and shoot quality ammo. I still carry this weapon every day for a CCW and I know any gun at any given time could have some type of failure. Knowing and practicing how to clear and solve a malfunction in a high stress situation can save your life. Hopefully that time will never happen but if it does you will be prepared.
I just received mine though have not yet got to the range with it. I believe there is another thread regarding a magazine problem and the 709. I'll be sure to take my magazine apart and check for being over greased before taking it out the first time. Thanks.
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