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To the OP-

It is a problem with newer Glocks. I have purchased a total of 5 glocks and 2 of them built prior to 2009 so before the extractor and ejector changes and they function flawlessly. I can shoot with one finger on the trigger and just my thumb on the backstrap and they fuction 100% without ejecting brass to my face. (it actually spits brass about 8-10 feet to the right even while limpwristing.

As for the 3 newer glocks (one 40 cal Gen 4 built in May of 2011, one 9 mm Gen 3 built in april 2010 and one 45 Gen 3 built in Jan 2013) they all spit brass to the face and have weak ejection regardless of factory or aftermarket extractor and ejector changes. This is a Glock known problem, I don't know why they haven't fixed it. I can't actually figure out why they messed with "perfection" in the first place but it has been very frustrating. This is not operator error I've been shooting a long time and don't have the problem with all Glocks so I know it is the gun. As far as I'm concerned a gun should still cycle why "limpwristed" anyways.

Just for the record not all newer Glock pistols have this problem. I watched the guy next to me at the range last weekend who had a gen 4 G27 and his was ejecting brass about 8-10 feet to his 5 o clock.

So OP it is not you and unfortunately I don't believe you are going to find a fix for this.
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