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I can shoot well enough to hit what I need. I am getting better at slow fire off of a sand bag at 25 yards. Though that is still noting to write home about. Here are a couple of targets that I shot with my most recent purchase.

Each was 10 rounds shot from Isocolese with about 2 seconds between shots. I was shooting over a chronograph so I had to slow it down a bit.The distance was 15 yards.

First target had 2 out of the 10 ring. Those were my doing. I was almost standing on one foot waiting for a ride to go to the rest room.

Second was after I got back. I would have my butt handed to me if I were to compete in bull's eye shooting. Though most of my shooting is done one handed.

I should also note I was more concearned with not shooting my buddies chronograph than I was about groups.
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