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right or wrong, a good portion of my bolt action rifle collection are Remington 700's...& they are some of my favorites...

1st rule of shooting, never point the gun in a direction you would not want to shoot... I don't personally use safeties... you guys can flame me all you want, but the finger stays off the trigger until I ready to shoot, the muzzle always points in a safe direction... safeties are just mechanical devices that are doomed to fail, as are trigger mechanisms... I'm truely sorry, that people have been injured or killed, but those holding the rifle violated the 1st rule of firearms...

yes an AD is certainly shocking, & I had a stick find it's way into my trigger guard while hunting one time, & a 375 H&H fired from my hip... fortunately I was following the 1st rule of firearms, & the only thing injured was my pride...
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