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I waited for the 2008 rush to die down, and stocked up on reloading components in 2010/2011. I have no need to buy factory ammo, so the shortages aren't affecting me. I've reloaded and replenished every caliber that I shoot, but, since I don't shoot nearly as often or as much as I used to, I'm sure that my girls will one day be faced with disposing of some of the stuff that's currently on my shelves.

I have sold a S&W Model 59 and a Colt Trooper MKIII since December, but I also just bought a Kahr CW45 to go along with my CW9. I've no need for an AK or AR, so I can weather this thing out for as long as necessary.

I'm most amused by the folks who had no clue or inclination that they "needed" an AR or any other firearm last August, but who suddenly felt like it was life's most important purchase after the Sandy Hook tragedy.
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