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leesa, as was said, please do ensure that this starter gun is EMPTY of it's ammunition. It does sound as if you aren't all too familiar with firearms and the TV & movie industry has a done a very skilled job at convincing many folks that "blanks" aren't "dangerous" but as anyone here can tell you, that's nowhere in the hemisphere of the truth.

In fact, I can easily name two different Hollywood actors that have been killed as a result of blanks and I can't even imagine how many other "not famous" people have been harmed or killed by them. If you wish to read some interesting stories, direct your searched to "Jon-Erik Hexum" and "Brandon Lee"

We'd like to help you ensure that this starter pistol isn't broken -- but your safety is more important at this point. At the very least, this starter gun could blast a finger right off your hand...easily.

You might consider placing it in a box and taking it to a gun store.
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