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Move safe

I had a Liberty safe delivered last year. The guys slid it from the truck into my master bathroom, over concrete, wood floors and carpet. They put the safe within 1" of the wall couldn't get any closer because of the baseboard. What they used was strips of what looked like kitchen cutting boards (white plastic like stuff about 1/2" thick and in various sizes that you can buy at Wally World) that was covered by what looked like black rubber to keep the safe from moving off the slick white plastic while it was sliding over the different surfaces. He said they made their own by cutting the plastic cutting boards and stacking pieces together until they had about 3 or 4 thicknesses and about 2" wide, these were held together with counter sunk screws and nuts. Both ends were tapered like skids. He didn't say what they used for the black rubber(?). The two movers just put the moving strips end to end and pushed/slid away. When they were off the one set, they just stopped and put the strips/skids at the end. This continued until the safe was where I wanted it. Worked pretty slick (pun intended) and they just rocked the safe to pull the moving strips out from under the safe. I guess if you are moving a safe for yourself, you could leave the strips in place. I hope this helps and gives you some ideas
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