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I can see how they can be adjusted to make an unsafe trigger. But I do not see any way this design could be unsafe as shipped. Remington has always had a ton of sear engagement. The trigger has to move reward for the gun to fire. Reward movement of the trigger can occure when the safety is pushed forward if the force has been adjusted in such a manner as to take all of the spring force off the sear. The locking parts of the trigger seperate when you put on the safe. When you take it off safe they fall back together. If there is spring pressure on the trigger sear it will not fire. If you have adjusted it all out, it might.

I do not have remington triggers in my remingtons. The reason is the design. You can't reduce the force on a remington trigger.....but a little bit before its not safe.

But as shipped, it's safe IMHO.
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