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Guys keep one thing in mind here.

Reading what to do, or knowing what to do is all fine.

But doing it after you just put a couple of rounds into a guy who is now dead in your house, perhaps with your family inside with you, that is a different thing.

If you have never experience what "going into shock" means then you know what I am talking about. The adrenaline can help you fight it off for awhile and maybe the situation, having family who needs you right then, that might help. But some folks, they finish calling 911, hang up and sit down to wait for the cops, and quietly just zone out and become incapable of reason or correct action. Heck you could actually die just from going into shock. That's where the term "scared to death" comes from.

I suggest you really understand just how important it is for you to recognize how important it is for you not to allow yourself to fall into a state of shock.
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