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What would have been an ideal cartridge would have been a .40 or .41 caliber cartridge that could have been built on these frame sizes. Something just a like the current .40 S&W or similar round that maybe could be handled in, say, an L-Framed Smith.
Took the words right out of my mouth... (or keyboard}

Seems to me the ideal platform for this caliber would have been the Colt .41 Frame size guns. (Official Police size.. pretty much L frame size)

O.K. The L frame S&W and Ruger GP-100 didn't exisit at the time, (the Colt did though) and it probably was a bit to much too stuff in a K frame.

Surprised the 41 Magnum, or a slightly lighter loaded 41 never ended up in a 6 shot heavy-mid frame size gun.

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