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It probably won't see a lot of rounds through it a year. Maybe a few hundred (which, to my understanding, is not a lot for target shooters)
If that's all your going to shoot in a year, buy whatever you like. Sometimes I shoot that much in one People steer shooters toward the ''B'' guns simply because if your going to shoot a lot, the budget O\Us' just won't hold up.
When your ready to buy, keep an eye out for a Ruger Red Label, SKB, Franchi, Lanber, etc. These are all pretty good guns and prices will be inline with your budget. For $1,000, you may find a well maintained older Browning field gun. Perfect example is one of my Browning sporting guns I have that I'm selling for $825.00 right now. It's well used but has been well maintained. I'm not trying to sell you a gun, but you will run across these from time to time.
I've never seen a Mossberg O\U, so I can't comment on them.
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