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I recently purchased a Charter Arms Pathfinder,,,

I recently purchased a Charter Arms Pathfinder,,,
And it is turning out to be a nice little gun.

I say "little" because it is near the exact same size and profile,,,
As my J-frame S&W model 34 and 63 rimfire revolvers.

I like the gun though,,,
It's trigger was very gritty,,,
I keep flooding it with CLP and shoot it a lot.

I bought the 4" version,,,
I don't know if the 5" version balances as well.

The price is the best part,,,
New and out the door for just under $350.00.

The only thing I really don't like is the front sight blade,,,
It is matte stainless and smooth so it is hard to see,,,
Orange sight paint helped but it could be better.

I own three S&W J-frame 22 revolvers,,,
Their triggers and actions are so much nicer,,,
But truthfully, I think this is because they are "well broken in."

I will bet that after a few more bulk packs,,,
My Charter Arms Pathfinder will be just as good a shooter.


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