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We're all remembering that the first country to ban "military style weapons" in the modern era was Nazi Germany right?

"The Gesetz über die Entwaffnung der Bevölkerung (Law on the
Disarmament of the People), passed on August 7, 1920, provided for a
Reichskommissar for Disarmament of the Civil Population.
He was empowered to
define which weapons were “military weapons” and thus subject to seizure.
bolt action Mauser rifles Models 1888/98, which had 5-shot magazines, were put in the
same class as hand grenades.
Persons with knowledge of unlawful arms caches
were required to inform the Disarmament Commission."
Sounds almost identical to a number our opponents proposals doesn't it?

I've found quoting from these laws, without sourcing the quote initially, then asking an anti if they agree with these measures to be very effective when I inform the entire room that the source of the quote and the context afterward.
The purpose of the law was to disarm political opponents and make it possible to violently suppress opposition.

More on these laws.
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