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I guess I'm a magnet for this kind of stuff. I just remembered what happened to me several years ago when I wanted to buy a Henry H001 rifle. I looked online for dealers and found one about 15 miles away. The hours were listed and stated they were open from 10-5 on Saturdays.
I called just after 10 and his wife answered the phone and told me he was out bow hunting and he had just called her and said he was heading out of the woods. When I asked her if he had any Henrys in stock and she said she didn't know as she was answering the phone on the house extension and to talk to him. I gave her my phone number and hung up and waited...and waited.
I waited until a little after noon and called again and he answered and told me his wife had told what I wanted and he was having lunch and told me to "Keep my shirt on." and he would get back to me when he had a chance to check his inventory.
I hung up, waited about 45 minutes and drove to the nearest Walmart and bought the rifle. When I got home, I checked my messages and there was nothing from this clown.
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